Everything is a question of the perspective: for some people he sits between the chairs, for others he builds bridges: musician, journalist, publisher, advertiser, webmaster and producer for functional media.

His way as musician was marked: being four yearscold the got his first violin, with five his first appearance in a radio broadcast, classical Violin education, (broken off) music study; then between 17 and 27 being live on tour with several famous "Krautrock"-bands: "Elster Silberflug", "Bernies Autobahn Band", "Hannes Wader", "Zeltinger" and "Zupfgeigenhansl".

When "Fehlfarben" entered the stage in the beginning of the eighties he quit with German Folk: Lutz Berger exchanged the violin against the mixer.

Together with Werner Pieper he founded the label "transmitter", switched as "text & tone" into the advertisement and took part at one of the first German private broadcasting stations - "Radio Regenbogen". At the same time he got famous as journalist writing numerous articles and columns about extra-ordinary topics like complementary medicine, brain & mind and new economy.

He worked with people like Peter Wippermann, Matthias Horx, Micky Rehman and for the Philip Morris magazine "tomorrow".

In the meantime he got fed upof the private broadcast and sold his "Radio Regenbogen"-stocks and with this money he founded the company "Braintech", rising fast to one of the prominent European companies for consciousness technology: while the "neurostrong" nineties "Braintech" sold patents up to Japan, the magazines was full with articles about his company, young guys of the Frankfurt Delirium invited him - including his "mind machines" - to the first Frankfurt Techno parties.

As well XTC-Kids as wealthy managers, coaches and therapists have been clients. To cut short: he anticipated the boom that new economy, made in the first year a turnover of one million, in second over two and few years later he got bankrupted.

Ironically his first customer after the bankruptcy has been a bank.

A friendly coach gave him a studio and Lutz Berger began, to bundle his experiences from media, medicine, consciousness technology and psycho-active frequencies.

He produced media for education and business training, self-indication series and medical-psychological music programs, published the book "music, magic and medicine" and placed volume 2 in the internet: musikmagieundmedizin.de.

There he publishes editorials about topics from psycho-acoustics, psycho-active frequencies, sonochemistry and neuro semantics, sound weapons and biological chips, streaming media, neuro feedback, subliminals, sound design, medical muzak, Chinese and old-eastern music therapy and music medicine.
Between the chairs or bridgebuilder? Everything a question of perspective!