The "transistor kid" was born as "Libra" in the year 1958 and since then he is feeling hiómelike and native to all channels: first as D.J. in various Heidelberg clubs, then as Varieté musicians on tour in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Canada, finally being editor of radio plays and for the ZDF's (Second Channel of German Television) children TV program.

Starting from 1986 he produced in his own sound studio, e.g. music for the dance theatre in Heidelberg, a video clip for children for the ZDF (see above) and various songs and short stories for children.

Then numerous music productions and remixes followed:

· "United Language", "Green Vision" and many ohers

· Remixes for Kool & the Gang feat. Lauryn Hill, Boy George, Kurtis Blow, Morricone, A-ha, Ella Fitzgerald (Verve USA), Martin Boettcher, Alphaville, Hattler, Till Brönner, Doldinger and may more

· Since 1997 he is producer of De-Phazz (among other things with Top20-CD-Album in 2000 and Top10-Album in 2002 and 3 ECHO nominations in the last two years).

With De-Phazz worldwide "live on route" (e.g. in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Canada, Russia, Hungary).

In 2000 together with his partner Haluk Soyoglu he founded his own music label "Phazz-a-delic", to got some more free space for other visions and projects.