'Somehow we go on' could be the motto of the third De-Phazz album 'Death by Chocolate'.After the predecessor 'Godsdog' which aroused considerable attention, one was on tenterhooks where the musical way would lead us.Sexy, sarcastic, subtile and sometimes willing to make experiments: that's the way De-Phazz are presenting their first album with Universal.

It should be 'Something special...' dealing irreverently with international hit and pop songs, uncut Pop with Beat-Flavour, Cool-Jazz, Dancehall Reggae or simplysophisticated kitsch.....'Get together!'

Producer Pit Baumgartner is mixing Beat-Bits with Break-Beats, advocaat and Energy-Drinks, langue de chat and Power-Bar...unrepentant consumption without regrets!

De-Phazz, that's precisely it - cheeky, but tasteful,light-footed and very all right.

Next to 'De-Phazz Style Collages and medleys' (NU CHIC, BETTER NOW, HEARTFIXER) you will find on 'Death byChocolate' a multitude of compositions where one cantaste the individual style of further De-Phazz artists through the other flavours.

Being an ironic songwriter and interpreter of music, PatAppleton is shaping her musical contributions with incomparable diversity. She is taking us - across all borders -to the land of the sophisticated pop-song. SOMETHING SPECIAL, JEUNESSE DORÉE or LOVESLABOURS LOST are shaped by her charming voice and her wit. Also for the shameless frankness concerningthe dealing with the other sex (TRASH BOX) she is forgiven immediately.

Also Barbara Lahr is reporting back on the 'De-Phazz-boat' with two songs. She sings about the isolationthrough communication (!) -media (ONLINE) - with over-castted sound or being far away and naïve, however notwithout irony. Her voice makes wanderlust and other longings audible (NORTH WEST).

Leave it to Dr. Karl Frierson to look after the wiggle and swing of your hips (SABBATICAL, JIM THE JINN). Also being 'an entertainer on the deck of the pleasuresteamer' he is shaping the profile of De-Phazz. He is more interested in the 'how' than in the 'what'. The frivolous ease (MAYBE SAN JOSÉ) with which he faces the Jazz is something he learned playing the clubs from South Carolina to Dubai. He is more interested in the 'how' than in the 'what'. The frivolous ease (MAYBE SAN JOSÉ) with which he faces the Jazz is something he learned playing the clubs from South Carolina to Dubai.Concerning the transformation of sequences to arrangement it is Otto Engelhard who is never ever at a loss for words and answers. With his capacity for understanding and empathy as a composer and songwriter and with the supple grace of his trombone, the 'sentimental Gentleman' is making an essential contribution to the characterof 'Death by Chocolate'.
The unmistakable 'Instant Esperanto' of Roy George R.,too, is firmly established on 'Death by Chocolate'.As regards subject matter, ROYs CHOICE is dealing witha raven oracle, but the text makes this perfectly clear.
The sound of the drums is shaped essentially by countless Drum-Lics & Rolls of former Kraan-drummer Jan Friede, that were scattered pretty accurately and without system all over the CD. DEATH BY CHOCOLATE is a song that you always want to turn louder and louder. With his fragile 'mellow-Jazz' trumpet Joo Kraus (ex-'Tab Two') is at the top of an illustrious list of guest musicians. Helmut Hattler, Stephan Zobeley (Grönemeier), Adax & Mattl Dörsam, Bernd Windisch, Eckes Malz, Biber Gullatz, Alex Auer and the Kingston Town 'Rude Boy' Skarramucci are part of the sweet musical confectionery.

You will see it on the radio!